Science Against Visual Impairment

Who are we?

Punt de Vista is a non-profit foundation that works to promote scientific research in the field of visual diversity and build a more accessible world for all those who suffer from visual diversity. We promote the accompaniment of new affected people to the doubts generated by the new visual reality while promoting scientific research against blindness.

What do we do?

There are 38 million blind people and 110 million people with low vision in the world.

FPDV promotes scientific research in the field of recovery of low vision and blindness. On the other hand, we accompany the affected people as well as their relatives in the process of vision loss at an international level.

Brief history of the Foundation


August 15, 2015- Gabo Mattioli receives a brutal assault that compromises his eye.

August 18, 2015- He wakes up in the hospital, without the vision of one eye, but with a dream: To give an award that helps science reverse the situation.

March 2019- The Punt de Vista Association is born.

March 2020- The Punt de Vista Foundation is born.

December 2021 - First edition of the Point Of View Award. Dreams come true.

We have not stopped, nor will we stop working so that science helps us build a blind future, an equitable and accessible society for all people, and that loneliness and misunderstanding are not part of the processes of change of people affected by visual loss and their families.

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With your help we will continue our main mission:

Promote scientific research in the field of vision loss.

We will also continue to support people with low vision and their families.