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Our point of view

    Our point of view is the coordinated, engaged and constructive union of all people suffering a handicap or visual impairment.

        All affected people have gone through the traumatic experience of adapting to a visual loss. Doubts emerge, such as whether sight is going to be restored (and how) or not, to what extent normality is going to be recovered, the deep emotional impact, facing seeing your own reflection in the mirror. Many have faced these questions and most have done it alone, without being in touch with other people who have faced a similar process in the past. We believe in the assistance of the community to aid and mentor newly affected people throughout their adaptation to a new visual situation.

        We assume the scientific community’s point of view, known for over a century, that the visual sense is a cognitive function of the brain where the eye is just an optic sensor that captures light and signals electric impulses. This leads us to the following question: why should an eye injury or disease cause blindness? We believe the answer to this question is strictly a scientific problem to which we, affected people, want to contribute actively in order to find together a scientific solution to visual impairment due to ocular malfunctioning.

    Our point of view is the collective and engaged assistance in the present and the active participation in the construction of a future where no one, ever again, becomes blind due to an ocular malfunction.

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