More than 95% of vision loss is caused by strictly ocular problems, although visual function is a completely cerebral ability. At Punt de Vista we believe in science as a driving force for transformation and we want to build a world where blindness is a curable evil.

Support for science

It has been known for more than 100 years, that visual function is performed entirely in the brain, with the eye being the sensor that captures external light and transmits information. We then ask ourselves: why should an eye injury lead to blindness? We believe that the solution to this problem is a scientific challenge and, as affected people, we want to actively participate in the joint search for a scientific solution to blindness due to eye causes.

The Punt de Vista Foundation together with ARVO presents the Point of View Award since 2021. The aim is to award the best scientific article on blindness and low vision research.

Sensitization of visual diversity

We offer activities in educational centers to raise awareness of visual impairment, educating young people on how to interact with people with low vision or blindness. We also offer lectures on social and scientific entrepreneurship, based on the entity's own experience.


We know, from experience, the hardness of addressing the acceptance of a disability in solitude and without any reference to those who follow to resolve the doubts that arise in the personal, work, life as a couple, family, daily.

That is why we want to offer our history, learning and support to those new people affected, so that loneliness is not another problem added in this process.

If you find yourself in this situation, are a family member or know someone who is there, you can contact us or call us at 623 197 361, we will help you as much as we can, advise you on what you need and accompany you in the process.


We have an excellent team of volunteers who help us in different tasks.

Participation and support in events, accompaniment to the affected people and their families, support in communication and administration…

If you think you can and would like to be part of the volunteer team with your experience, contact us here: