As we explain here we believe that no person should face loneliness in the doubts raised by a new situation of visual impairment, so we actively promote the accompaniment of the people affected.

    We know, from experience, the hardness that involves addressing the acceptance of the disability in solitude and without any reference to who to go to resolve the doubts that arise in the personal sphere, daily life, work, and life as a couple and family.

    We want to offer our history, learnings and support to those new people affected, so that loneliness is not another of the problems added in this process. Our support is focused on two areas:

    1. Mutual aid groups (GAMs) are a tool to support proven effectiveness in other diseases that have no local analog in the field of visual impairment. Our model is of accompaniment and mentoring, offering to affected people a mentor of reference in the figure of a Vountari/to that has experienced an experience and similar affection with whom to stay and share the worries.
    2. PdV companies: We know that adaptation and access to the workplace is transformed when it plays the visual diversity factor. It is by Axiò that we have of the necessary advice so that the company to the that already worked the affected person or to what will join will return 100% accessible.

    If you are in a situation of these, contact us and we will contact you with a suitable mentor with whom you remain. The mentor will approach where you go best, you do not need to scroll anywhere, or pay nothing for it.

    Human support has no cost or price.