Scientific research

More than 95% of the causes of loss of vision are due to malfunction, disease or eye lesions. However, the visual function is a completely cerebral capacity, being the eye “only” a complex organ that collects and transmits information. Our goal is to look for solutions for this problem, we believe that nobody should stay without light at home just because the light bulbs don’t work. The Point Of View award will be a first step in this direction, in order to reinforce this line of invetigación that is active at international level but where there are no specific projects at national and local level.

We believe in science as the engine of transformation, we want to build a world where blindness is a bad curable. Punt de Vista is an entity that, based on the involvement of people affected by loss of vision of different levels and in collaboration with professionals in the sector, wants to become a transversal platform where we together make this beautiful project a reality. For all of this we will drive from 2020 the “Point of View” award at the Annual ARVO Association convention in the United States.